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I started working with Dave at the beginning of 2016, when he was hired by Inglewood United FC to be the club Goalkeeping Coach. I have been playing in the Senior State League/NPL for about 10 years now and I have been coached by many Goalkeeper Coaches, all of which had different techniques and coaching philosophies. From my experience, Dave’s approach to Goalkeeping Coaching is to develop the Goalkeepers all round game and to develop a Complete Goalkeeper. Dave has helped me improve immensely, more specifically on my set positioning whilst receiving shots on goal, my positioning with crossing, communication to defenders, passing and being in a proactive position in relation to where the ball is on the field.  

Dave continues to set new targets/challenges for me within sessions, and games and continues to push me to develop further. Every Goalkeeping session I have with Dave, I always come away with new learnings and aspects to improve on as a Goalkeeper. Dave’s passion for football and Goalkeeping is second to none in this state, he is always patient with his Goalkeepers and strives for them to be the best they can be. Dave has a great attention to detail and picks up small details in your game which can become bad habits which can lead to errors. Dave is not only a great mentor, but he is a good friend and he is easily approachable and has many years of Goalkeeping knowledge which he is more than happy to share. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone who is wishing to get the very best out of themselves as a Goalkeeper, as I continue to work with Dave he has reinvigorated my love for the position and I will continue to work with Dave until I retire from the sport. 

Photo by Brett Kuzlic